Calling custom Java classes and JAR files in ODI via Jython or Java BeanShell

Uli Bethke Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

First we create a simple Java class that creates and writes to a text file and save it as

Next we compile the .java class from the command line

Next we create a .jar file from the class

We then copy and paste the .jar archive to the ODI drivers folder

Next we restart the ODI agent.

We can now call methods in this class from either Jython


or we can call it from the Java BeanShell


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If you want to master scripting in ODI get the following books.

Java BeanShell

Scripting in Java: Languages, Frameworks, and Patterns


The Definitive Guide to Jython: Python for the Java Platform.

Jython Essentials (O'Reilly Scripting)