Growing need for IT people with Analytical and/or Data Mining Skills

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Dispite the current economic conditions we have been enduring for the past couple of years, there is one type of IT job that is seeing an increase in demand.  This is in the area of data analytics and data mining.  In the last couple of days Accenture has announced that they are setting up a center of excellence for data analytics and is in the process of trying to recruit over 100 people to fill various roles.

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For does people you do not have experience or qualification in the area of data analytics and data mining, the Dublin Institute of Technology has just taken their first intake of 20+ part-time students into their new MSc in Data Analytics.  If this is something that you are interested in then check out the programme website.

Currently I'm lecturering on two of the modules on the MSc. The first of these is the Data Mining module, which gives a high level introduction to the data mining process and the main techniques. Nothing too dificult as we do not go into the statatisics etc. We are currently using SAS Enterprise Miner as our Data Mining tool.  The other module that I will be giving is call Data and Databases for Data Mining.  This is a bit of an introduction to databases type module with a couple of topics towards the end that are specific to data mining type projects. These include the data investigation, data transformations and preparing data for data mining applications.


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I'll be resuming my Oracle Data Mining posts in a couple of weeks time.  I hope to get through the main concepts and features of ODMiner before the new release is available in Spring 2011.  At that point we can then look at what the new tool (and it is a very new tool) has to offer.  Its all looking very good.

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