Oracle Data Miner Comes of Age

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I have an article in the June editions of the Oracle Scene magazine, titled Oracle Data Miner Comes of Age. This article focuses on the new Oracle Data Miner 11g R2 tool (ODM). This is the first major upgrade of the tool in a number of years and it is not integrated into the SQL Developer 3 tool.

The new ODM tool (11gR2 in SQL Developer 3) has addressed all of these short comings and the development team have really created a tool that is now at a comparative level with the likes of SAS Enterprise Miner, which is considered the number one product in the market.

The ODM tool in SQL Developer is free to use, but you need to licence the data mining option as part of the Oracle 11.2g Enterprise Edition. If you take the list price for the Data Mining option in Oracle 11gEE, compared to the cost of purchasing SAS Enterprise Miner, plus all the added benefits of less data movement, in database data mining and the ease of deployment of the models, the likes of SAS and others are going to come under increasing pressure from Oracle Data Mining.

The article discusses some of the main new features available in the new tool and gives some pointers on how to get started with the tool. The main part of the article gives a sample walk through of how you can use ODM to define a data source, create some classification data models using this data, evaluate the data models and then how you can apply one of these models to new data.

So check out the article in the June edition of the Oracle Scene magazine.

I have also put together a 1 minute video introduction to the article. Check it out at
Oracle Data Miner Comes of Age - An Introduction

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