Analysing the Irish Jobs Market with Dataiku DSS and

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Getting value from your data is not a straightforward process. One of the secrets is to have a platform in place that allows you to quickly prototype data applications. In this two part series we are going to perform some data discovery on the Irish jobs market. We will use the popular service to ingest a relevant dataset and then use the Dataiku DSS plugin to ingest the data and use DSS functionality to generate some insights. it is an online platform to easily extract data from websites. Using the magic extractor is as easy as 1,2,3 to generate a virtual API on top of the required data set and then iterate over it. The data set we are interested can be found here. We pass this URL into the Magic API, run the query and get the data back in a nice table.

import1Next we generate the virtual API

Querying the API will return a JSON object. In a next step we now use the plugin in DSS to ingest the data and paste the URL to the virtual API into the API URL field

In order to page/iterate over the API we need to create a DSS recipe that passes the the source URLs into the virtual API. A recipe always requires an input dataset.
We use an Oracle database as the source to generate this dataset using Connect By clause and a little trick.

In a next step we just run the recipe and explore the output dataset.
Using the Columns Quick View we can get a nice overview on the distribution of the various columns of our dataset.

We can explore the data in more detail, e.g. which agency has the most jobs advertised.


Or the range of salaries

Or the location


It took me longer to write up this post than it took to ingest and explore the data. In the next part we will have a look at how easy it is to transform our data and gain some more insights on what skills are most in demand at the moment and which skills correlate with each other. Until then don't stop to unleash the value of your data.


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