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Sonra Intelligence is delighted to announce a Big Data training course for data warehouse managers, architects, and developers, and anyone who wants to know about Big Data.

The traditional approach to data warehousing has served us well over the last 25 years. However, various cracks have shown up recently and we as data warehouse managers, architects, and developers are faced with a multitude of problems.

In this course, we will describe these headaches in detail and prescribe various remedies. We will show how Big Data concepts, tools, and technologies can address issues of the traditional approach to data warehousing.

You can download the detailed agenda for Big Data for Data Warehouse Professionals.


The course will help you to achieve the following business objectives:

  • Turn business questions around faster. The concepts and tools presented in this course will help you reduce the time it takes to deliver data to decision makers.
  • Democratize data and become data driven. We will show how to make more data available to more employees in your organisation.
  • Save license and hardware costs by offloading workloads to cheaper storage technologies
  • Use advanced analytics to predict outcomes, get to the root cause of problems, and generate new revenue streams
  • Some decisions need to be taken within minutes or even seconds of an event happening. Credit card fraud detection is a good example. React to events as they happen.
  • You will learn when to use Hadoop and when to use concepts or tools from traditional data warehousing.
  • Become a data evangelist. Propel your data analytics career. Save your organisation millions.


This one day course will be on Wednesday, 22 March 2017 from 09:30 to 17:30 (GMT)

Eventbrite - Training - Big Data & Cloud for Data Warehouse Professionals

The Trainer - Uli Bethke, Big Data expert

The Location - The modern Greenway Hub at the DIT Grangegorman Campus

About the author

Uli Bethke LinkedIn Profile

Uli has 18 years’ hands on experience as a consultant, architect, and manager in the data industry. He frequently speaks at conferences. Uli has architected and delivered data warehouses in Europe, North America, and South East Asia. He is a traveler between the worlds of traditional data warehousing and big data technologies.

Uli is a regular contributor to blogs and books, holds an Oracle ACE award, and chairs the the Hadoop User Group Ireland. He is also a co-founder and VP of the Irish chapter of DAMA, a non for profit global data management organization. He has co-founded the Irish Oracle Big Data User Group.