Downloading, Setting Up & Running Oracle Data Miner

March 8, 2010

As the awareness of Oracle Data Miner increases so does the interest in trying out and playing with Oracle Data Miner (ODM). The following set of instructions steps you through what is required to download and install the database, configure a data mining user in the database, populate the data mining user with some data. The instructions finish with details of how to download and configure the Oracle Data Mining tool. The following instructions cover 11g R1 of the database and tool.

Download and install the 11g R1 Database

  1. The first step is to download the Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition database software. The data mining functionality is only available in the enterprise edition. You need to download Oracle 11g (Release1 – Enterprise Database software
  2. Create a working directory and save download to your PC
  3. UnZip the software into the working directory
  4. Before you run the install on your PC you need to log in as Administrator of the machine
  5. Double click on the Setup.exe file
  6. Follow the on screen instructions
  7. Install the full Enterprise edition
  8. Click here for a tutorial on installing Oracle 11g
  9. When you get to step 3 in the installation tutorial, make sure you write down the Database Password. This is very important as you will need this later.

NB. Make sure that you complete all the installation steps correctly and that you did not receive any errors. If you did you may need to start again.

HINT : You may need to do the installation as Administrator on your PC.

Set up the Sample Data for the Data Mining User

  1. You will need to download the Examples files as these will contain the sample data sets need by ODM
  2. Download the Oracle 11g Examples file to you working directory
  3. UnZip the Examples into you working directory
  4.  See the installation guide for installing the Examples

Create and Configure the Oracle Data Mining User

To create the a database user for data mining, log into the database as the

SYSTEM user (and the password you gave during the installation process) and type a command like the following:


Download the files DMSHGRANTS.SQL  and DMSH.SQL

Logon into the database as SYSTEM and run the DMSHGRANTS.SQL file

 @<File Location>dmshgrants sh dmuser

Logon into the database as your DMUSER (password = DMUSER) and run the DMSH.SQL file

@<File Location>dmsh.sql

If everything has worked (no errors) then you should have Oracle Data Mining setup in the Database

Download, Setup and Login to Oracle Data Miner

  1. Download Oracle Data Miner software
  2. UnZip the software into C:OracleODM
  3. To start ODM run   C:OracleODModminerw.exe
  4. Click on the New button to create a new connect.
  5. Enter a connection name, the username and password of the ODM user created above plus the name of the pc/machine/server, port and SID/Service Name
  6. When a successful connect is made the ODM tool will be opened.
  7. To view the sample data created above, expand the Data Sources branch in the Navigator panel, select your ODM user. You can now see the Views and Tables with the sample data. 

Two useful books in the documentation are, ODM Administrators Guide 11g and ODM Concepts Guide 11g

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of downloading and installing the enterprise edition of the database then you can use it on the Amazon cloud. The ODM team have provided a set of instructions for you to follow on how to setup yourself up on the Amazo cloud and how you can connect the Oracle Data Mining tool to the database on th Amazon cloud.  Link to instructions.