Convert IRS XML to PostgreSQL using Flexter Enterprise

Anvesh Gali August 28, 2017

Loading IRS Data into PostgreSQL database using Flexter Enterprise In this walkthrough, we load the IRS XML files into PostgreSQL database using Flexter Enterprise edition. Flexter Enterprise provisions users with all features. The enterprise version provides users with numerous additional features which aren’t available on the free version of Flexter. In the following steps, we ...

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Spark and Hadoop in Risk Line of Business at Bank of America

Anvesh Gali August 18, 2017

Do you want to gain knowledge about Big Data? Do you want to dig into the field of Risk Line of Business at Bank of America? Come join us to explore these questions. Presentation 1 Andrea Fagan will talk about the history of big data in the Risk Line of Business at Bank of America. ...

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Flexter, Informatica, and Redshift work Hand in Hand to convert ESMA XML

Anvesh Gali August 17, 2017

In this walk-through, we combine two powerful software platforms to present a highly efficient and user-friendly method to perform ETL of complex XML files. This implementation uses Flexter, which is a powerful tool for converting complex XML files to a database or text and Informatica for ETL. We will convert ESMA XML files (these files ...

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Convert ESMA XML to Snowflake

Anvesh Gali August 7, 2017

Introduction to this walkthrough In this walkthrough, we will demonstrate the process of loading XML data into Snowflake – a cloud based data warehousing service. We have downloaded the XML files from ESMA and then converted them into TSV files using Flexter, a powerful XML parser from Sonra. We then load the TSV files into ...

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