[Video] Convert XML to Excel

Kevin Tardivel July 11, 2017

Converting XML to Excel without writing any Code In this video we will show you how Flexter’s powerful XML Converter and Excel work together to unlock insights hidden in XML. We process the XML files in the free version of Flexter. Flexter generates tab separated text files (TSV) as output. Flexter automatically generates the relationships ...

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What are the Benefits of Graph Databases in Data Warehousing?

Kevin Tardivel June 12, 2017

RDBMS and Graphs Relational databases are the work horse for storing and processing data. They are the poster boy of the data industry and have been going strong for almost 40 years. I can’t think of many other technologies that have stood the test of time for such an extensive period. The RDBMS can satisfy ...

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Eight things you need to know about ISO 20022 XML Messages

Kevin Tardivel May 22, 2017

In this post we have summarised eight important facts about ISO 20022 XML messages. At the end of the post we show you how can automate the conversion of large volumes of ISO 20022 XML documents to a relational database. What is ISO 20022? The ISO 20022 industry data standard is used in Financial Services. ...

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