Converting complex XML to CSV

Maciek Kocon November 28, 2016

Have you ever tried to process data in XML? Did you have to load its values into a relational database or simply convert it to plain CSV? Before I show you a simple way of processing complex XMLs, let’s first think out loud what XML actually is used for. Note: If you have a good ...

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Take the pain out of XML processing on Spark.

Maciek Kocon September 8, 2016

Note: We have written an updated version of this post that shows XML conversion on Spark to Parquet with code samples. Did you ever have to process XML files? Complex and large ones? Lots of them? No matter which processing framework or programming language you use it always is pain. It never is easy. It ...

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Using parameters and variables in Hive CLI

Maciek Kocon February 19, 2015

In this blog post we look at how we can address a shortcoming in the Hive ALTER TABLE statement using parameters and variables in the Hive CLI (Hive 0.13 was used). There’s a simple way to query Hive parameter values directly from CLI You simply execute (without specifying the value to be set): SET <parameter>; ...

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Using ODI user functions to dynamically inject SQL into Interfaces

Maciek Kocon May 19, 2013

Get our e-books Discover the Oracle Data Integrator 11g Repository Data Model and Oracle Data Integrator Snippets and Recipes I’d like to share with you a recipe that demonstrates the power which the combination of ODI functions and Java BeanShell scripting techniques can provide. Before I do so I will briefly describe the issue we ...

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