Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Database Magazines

January 14, 2010

I did some research around business intelligence and data warehousing magazines. If you think I have missed one let me know.

Magazines – print version

Business Intelligence Journal (TDWI) “The Business Intelligence Journal is an in-depth, unbiased information resource for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals. This quarterly publication provides fresh ideas and perspectives to help organizations operate more intelligently” (quote TDWI website).
In my opinion the best BI publication out there. As a member of the TDWI you will receive this publication on a quarterly basis. Membership is required. It is available in an online (PDF) and offline version.
What Works: Best Practices in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (TDWI) “is a comprehensive collection of industry case studies, Q&A, and lessons from the experts. Each edition provides a snapshot of some of the most innovative business intelligence and data warehousing teams and implementations in the world today” (quote TDWI website). Another TDWI publication. You need to register to view content. The magazine is published twice a year.
The Ten Mistakes to Avoid (TDWI) : This “series, published quarterly, addresses the 10 most common mistakes managers and teams make—from data modeling to building an operational data store—and gives you inside knowledge on how to avoid these common pitfalls”. This is only for TDWI members.
Best of Business Intelligence (TDWI): “Each year we select a few of TDWI’s best, most well-received, impact-full articles, research, and information, and present them to you in this publication”. (quote TDWI website)
Information Management.  Formerly known as DM Review this one is published eight times a year.
Oracle Magazine: As an Oracle practitioner you have to subscribe to Oracle Magazine. As it’s free you don’t have any reasons not to. Good mix of technical and general Oracle product information. In my opinion, the highlight is Tom Kyte’s column.
Another greate Oracle magazine is Oracle Scene. It is published three times a year. You need membership of the UKOUG to receive it.
SQL Server Magazine Unlike Oracle Magazine, SQL Server Magazine is not for free. There is both a print and online edition.
IBM Data Management magazine Formerly known as DB2 magazine this quarterly magazine comes in a print and online edition. Good mix of IBM data management and general data management content. You can suscribe to it for free. In my opinion another must read.
Business Intelligence Magazine This one is in German. As far as I know it is published quarterly from Switzerland. Individual magazines cost 9.70 Euro and you can subscribe for a trial. Focus is on management and business processes with a lot of BI case studies. You won’t find any technical content here.
BI-Spektrum: This magazine is edited by TDWI Germany. Its content is not related to the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal. Typically it is published five times a year and you can subscribe for a trial . Focus is on business processes in the various industries. Expect a lot of case studies.
Database Pro Great German magazine on anything database. I’m a subscriber since issue one. Has excellent features on DW/BI. The magazine has improved a lot since its first edition. If you speak German you have to subscribe to this one.

Online Magazines

Teradata magazine This one is for the Teradata gurus. It’s not all Teradata here, but you will also find general DW/BI content such as case studies etc. It’s a pity that you can’t download the magazine in PDF format as a whole. I’d prefer to put this on my e-book reader rather than read from screen.
Open Source Database Magazine Technically orientated magazine about open source databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and others.
What Works This magazine is published by TDWI Germany. It’s similar in nature to the original. Different content though and not just a translation.
Database magazine This one is in Dutch. Unfortunately, I don’t speak the language because the content looks interesting.

Online portals with newsletters

The best online portals in my opinion are:
The Data Administration Newsletter
Intelligent Enterprise
Kimball Forum