Big Data News: Web Summit 2015 A Massive Success

November 9, 2015

A Sonra Special about Web Summit held in Dublin last week 

The Sonra team was working this week learning about so many businesses @websummit in Dublin Ireland. The fusion of innovation, passion and great ideas was an inspiration for myself representing Sonra and our big data community.
The global presence of eCommerce and Digital business centered in Dublin this week, which is why Sonra exhibited to the global community @websummit to spread the good word about Big Data, our community and our services.
We all talked with different types of tech professionals who all share our passion for the digital marketplace and technology in the information era. In big data, I have been going home every evening a happy man from talking to interesting people from dawn to dusk. In my conversations, some trends at websummit become clear to me in regards to big data.

  • Demand – Real “big data” in the form of scalable architecture solutions that solve existing data management problems are in demand!
  • Awareness – New technologies are not properly understood. As big data professionals and enthusiasts, I think we all have a duty to get the word out about where we really are at in big data so we can help business realise its potential!
  • Value – How big data analytics can create value is not truly explored due to anxiety over costs migrating to a big data solution. The fact is that some digital businesses are closer to being “big data” ready then they think and some are further away. By keeping up to date with technology, we can inform those we talk to about how big data is easier now than it ever was to implement. For instance, with embedded Hadoop and MapR solutions, we can upgrade the data and process management platforms of companies of all sizes with high transaction throughput.
  • Security – Companies are focusing a large chunk of their budgets on security given the threat security poses to their ever growing digital platform. This reduces the development budget with increasing funding for often conventional security strategies in a dynamic digital environment. The evolving effectiveness in security around Hadoop does not seem to be well known in the market-place, which would make distributed solutions a more attractive proposition.

Web Summit 2016 is in Portugal next year and with each year’s evolution of technology, let’s get the word out about how it can help others realise their potential! Have a great week ahead all…
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