Data Warehousing Books: Design and architecture

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In another post I have covered data warehousing books in the world of Oracle. We've also had a look at data warehousing and business intelligence books for project management and business analysis. Today we will look at data warehousing and business intelligence books that look at the technical design and architecture of a data warehouse solution. Must Have DW 2.0: ...

TIME dimension script Oracle

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What is Data Mining ?

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In this weeks topic I will explore what is Data Mining, the different meanings, how the term is used, etc. I will give you my interpretation of what it is and how other descriptions of data mining can be categorised. Every article you read, every presentation you hear, etc. you get a slightly different description, or should it be that they ...

Data warehousing for free! Terabyte sized data warehouse and business intelligence without license costs

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Greenplum This is no joke. Greenplum on 19 October announced a free single node edition of its analytical database. For those of you who haven't heard about Greenplum, they are a provider of an MPP database software that runs on commodity hardware (unlike some its competitors such as Teradata, Netezza, or recently Oracle with Exadata). The database is based on ...

Getting Started with Oracle Data Mining

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This blog posting is my first in the area of Data Mining, in particular performing Data Mining using Oracle.  Over the coming months I will be making regular postings in the areas of data mining and associated activities.  The approach that I take to data mining is slightly different to what would be considered the main stream approach.  Last year ...