Run Procees Flow from Command Line or SQL+

Uli Bethke July 25, 2008

You can run a process flow from the command line. This is useful if you want to call a process flow from another application, e.g. if you want to use a 3rd party scheduler like AT or Cron etc. or if you want to script the execution of your process flows. sqlplus user/[email protected]_identifier C:oracleproducts10.2.0owb_1owbrtpsqlsqlplus_exec_template.sql <rep_owner> ...

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Automate OWB Metadata export with OMB+

Uli Bethke July 21, 2008

I regularly make exports of Warehouse Builder Metadata to files. I do this at least once a day. When there are a lot of changes to OWB objects I make the export multiple times a day. I prefer this over snapshots as these exports to file do not fill up the OWB repository. Regular exports ...

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