CDC & Streams Performance Test

Uli Bethke November 11, 2008

Scenarios Objective of the Streams Performance Test was to identify risks and bottlenecks for CDC and Streams. The following items were of particular interest to us: Identify bottlenecks for batch jobs with a low commit frequency, i.e. transactions that modify large numbers of records without committing frequently. We needed to know this because we have ...

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Asynch CDC: Delete old archived redo logs

Uli Bethke October 9, 2008

The following steps need to be taken to be able to delete archived redo logs that are no longer required by the CDC capture process: 1. Determine the new first_scn for your capture process SELECT cap.CAPTURE_NAME, cap.FIRST_SCN, cap.APPLIED_SCN, cap.REQUIRED_CHECKPOINT_SCN FROM DBA_CAPTURE cap, CHANGE_SETS cset WHERE cap.CAPTURE_NAME = cset.CAPTURE_NAME 1234567 SELECTcap.CAPTURE_NAME,cap.FIRST_SCN,cap.APPLIED_SCN,cap.REQUIRED_CHECKPOINT_SCNFROM DBA_CAPTURE cap, CHANGE_SETS csetWHERE cap.CAPTURE_NAME ...

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Asynch CDC: Waiting For Dictionary Redo

Uli Bethke October 8, 2008

I have come across (so far) four scenarios that show capture process “hanging” as WAITING FOR DICTIONARY REDO. 1. Wrong first_scn supplied for create_autolog_change_source: The first_scn when building the the data dictionary in the redo log via does not match the first_scn when creating the change source on the downstream server. You need to ...

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Run Procees Flow from Command Line or SQL+

Uli Bethke July 25, 2008

You can run a process flow from the command line. This is useful if you want to call a process flow from another application, e.g. if you want to use a 3rd party scheduler like AT or Cron etc. or if you want to script the execution of your process flows. sqlplus user/[email protected]_identifier C:oracleproducts10.2.0owb_1owbrtpsqlsqlplus_exec_template.sql <rep_owner> ...

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