Downloading, Setting Up & Running Oracle Data Miner

Uli Bethke March 8, 2010

As the awareness of Oracle Data Miner increases so does the interest in trying out and playing with Oracle Data Miner (ODM). The following set of instructions steps you through what is required to download and install the database, configure a data mining user in the database, populate the data mining user with some data. ...

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10 Reasons you really need predictive analytics

Uli Bethke February 4, 2010

SPSS have recently posted and article called “10 Reasons you really need predictive analytics“. I thought it would be interesting to post the main points from this article to illustrate that not all predictive analytic projects involve Data Mining, but involve a number of different techniques and looking the the business data in a different ...

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Comparative Window Functions: Proposed Extensions to Analytic Functions

Uli Bethke November 16, 2009

I promise that this will be the last post on analytic functions this month; but I came across this proposal to extend analytic functions with a comparative window function on Tom Kyte’s blog yesterday (also make sure to review the actual paper). Basically this new type of analytic function would allow you to compare the ...

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SQL quiz revisited: ROW_NUMBER, LAST_VALUE, FIRST_VALUE and the SQL knights value problem.

Uli Bethke November 15, 2009

Thank you all for your entries to the recent quiz. The guys from Packt should be shortly sending out the e-books to the winners. Today I will walk you through some of the possible solutions and also briefly touch upon performance of these. Last week’s contest was based on a classic SQL problem. Anthony Molinaro, ...

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