Greenplum, MapReduce, and Hadoop

Uli Bethke June 18, 2009

If your job involves processing massive amounts of data you should familiarize yourself with Greenplum, MapReduce, and Hadoop. With 6.5 Petabytes of data eBay runs the world’s largest data warehouse on Greenplum. Facebook runs a 2 PB warehouse on Hadoop. Impressive. Both Greenplum and Hadoop make use of the MapReduce framework pioneered by Google. You ...

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It's the tool, stupid. Or is it?

Uli Bethke March 3, 2009

Every couple of months or so, they run an article on Business Intelligence in one of the Sunday business papers here in Dublin. The tenor of these articles goes like this: Just pick the right BI tool, sit back, and relax. It will all sort itself out. This reminds me of the Fast = On ...

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Competitive Business Intelligence: web scraping with Oracle.

Uli Bethke January 6, 2009

In my opinion, one of the trends for Business Intelligence in 2009 (and the years to come) will be the integration of externally available data (data not found within the organisation itself, e.g. data in magazines, the web, libraries etc.) into the data warehouse and into an organisation’s business processes. Using BI to monitor the ...

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