Why Has Data Mining Struggled So Much?

Uli Bethke November 20, 2009

Bill Inmon has recently posted an article on “Why has Data Mining struggled so much?” The article discusses 7 diferent reasons why data mining has struggled, as it has been around for a very long time. The main points are1. We have been waiting a long time for it to become available in a usable ...

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How to prepare for Data Mining

Uli Bethke November 6, 2009

There is a new article by Eric King of The Modeling Agency on How to Prepare for Data Mining. It has some interesting points on various aspects that you would need to look out for. I think some of the important things is that you need to plan such a project carefully, that you understand ...

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Good Oracle Data Mining Link & Book

Uli Bethke November 3, 2009

The following link is a good resource giving details of various aspects of Oracle Data Mining. It is by BC Consulting.http://www.dba-oracle.com/data_mining/ There is also a link to a book on Oracle Data Miner which covers the version of ODM for 10g, but some of the material in the book also applies for the 11g version. ...

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What is Data Mining ?

Uli Bethke October 28, 2009

In this weeks topic I will explore what is Data Mining, the different meanings, how the term is used, etc. I will give you my interpretation of what it is and how other descriptions of data mining can be categorised. Every article you read, every presentation you hear, etc. you get a slightly different description, or ...

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