Data Warehousing in the Age of Big Data. RDBMS Scalability, Exploding Data Volumes and License Costs.

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Note: There is an updated version of this post. You can download it for free. Download updated version In the first part of this series of blog posts on data warehousing in the era of big data we looked at limitations of relational databases for data warehousing. In this post I will elaborate further on the impact of growing data ...

Data Warehousing in the age of Big Data. The end of an era?

Uli Bethke Big Data, Data Warehouse, Hadoop

In this series of blog posts we will explore how the age of Big Data is changing the data warehouse landscape for good. There are a multitude of issues that today's data warehouse implementations face. What are the steps that you as a CIO or Data Warehouse executive can take to implement the next generation of data warehouses. Part II: ...

Big Data Presentation

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The Big Data presentation I gave yesterday is now available for download. In this presentation I define some common features of Big Data use cases, explain what the big deal about Big Data is all about and explore the impact of Big Data on the traditional data warehouse framework. What's the big deal about big data from ulibethke

Exadata, Exalytics, SAP HANA and the multi billion dollar question.

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Recently there has been a lot of noise around in memory databases and how Exadata, Exalytics and SAP HANA compare to each other. Here are my two cents on the debate. Why you can't compare Exalytics to SAP Hana It is the vision of SAP Hana to be used for both OLTP and analytics. As the name already suggests Exalytics ...

Guest Post: Can Database Developers do Data Mining ?

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I was recently invited by Sandro Saitta, who runs the Data Mining Research blog (, to write a guest blog post for him. The topic for this guest post was Can Database Developers do Data Mining ? The original post is available at - Can Database Developers do Data Mining – Here is the main body of the post Over ...