10 Reasons you really need predictive analytics

Uli Bethke February 4, 2010

SPSS have recently posted and article called “10 Reasons you really need predictive analytics“. I thought it would be interesting to post the main points from this article to illustrate that not all predictive analytic projects involve Data Mining, but involve a number of different techniques and looking the the business data in a different ...

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Oracle Data Miner – New Resources

Uli Bethke January 27, 2010

Over the past couple of weeks a couple of new web resources have appeared on Oracle Data Miner The first one is that Charlie Berger, the director of Oracle Data Mining Product Management, has started a blog specifically for Oracle Data Miner. Check it out, http://blogs.oracle.com/datamining/ If you are already using Oracle Data Miner or ...

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TIME dimension script Oracle

Uli Bethke October 30, 2009

SELECT n AS time_id, TO_CHAR(to_date(n,'SSSSS'),'HH24') AS hour, TO_CHAR(to_date(n,'SSSSS'),'MI') AS minute, TO_CHAR(to_date(n,'SSSSS'),'SS') AS second FROM ( SELECT level-1 n FROM DUAL CONNECT BY LEVEL <= 86400 ) 123456789101112 SELECT   n AS time_id,   TO_CHAR(to_date(n,'SSSSS'),'HH24') AS hour,   TO_CHAR(to_date(n,'SSSSS'),'MI') AS minute,   TO_CHAR(to_date(n,'SSSSS'),'SS') AS secondFROM (   SELECT      level-1 n   FROM      DUAL   CONNECT BY LEVEL <= 86400)

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Data warehousing for free! Terabyte sized data warehouse and business intelligence without license costs

Uli Bethke October 26, 2009

Greenplum This is no joke. Greenplum on 19 October announced a free single node edition of its analytical database. For those of you who haven’t heard about Greenplum, they are a provider of an MPP database software that runs on commodity hardware (unlike some its competitors such as Teradata, Netezza, or recently Oracle with Exadata). ...

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