Guest Post: Can Database Developers do Data Mining ?

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I was recently invited by Sandro Saitta, who runs the Data Mining Research blog (, to write a guest blog post for him. The topic for this guest post was Can Database Developers do Data Mining ? The original post is available at - Can Database Developers do Data Mining – Here is the main body of the post Over ...

TIME dimension script Oracle

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Oracle Data Integrator vs. Oracle Warehouse Builder: What to do, what to do?

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One of the questions that regularly comes up in the forums, or during presentations on Oracle data integration products, is on the future of Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle Data Integrator. People wonder which tool to use for new projects? What should be done with existing implementations? In this article we will first compare the features and functionalities of both ...

Date dimension script with Oracle SQL

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The script below will create a date dimension in just one SQL statement. We don't use performance-killer nonsense such as cursors, functions etc. We just pick a start date and the number of days we want to create and with a bit of magic of the Connect By clause and the NUMTODSINTERVAL function we do the whole thing in 14 ...