Convert FpML XML to Oracle Data Modeler with Enterprise Flexter

Uli Bethke December 22, 2017

Today we will show you how easy it is to convert FpML XML files to relational tables in an Oracle database with the enterprise version of Flexter. We then reverse engineer the DDL into Oracle Data Modeler and visualise the target schema. FpML XML Data FpML ( Financial Products Markup Language) is an XML message ...

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Can you help us liberate the data?

Vadim Mytarev December 7, 2017

Can you help us liberate data from awkward data formats by filling out a short survey? At Sonra we have already automated the conversion of XML and JSON to a database, text, or Hadoop. We are now looking for the next data format to liberate. Have you come across a data format that gives you ...

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eGloo Tech and Sonra enter exclusive ANZ partnership for specialist big data ETL solution Flexter.

Uli Bethke November 20, 2017

Flexter transforms complex XML structures and dramatically accelerates processing of vast data sets, liberating previously unavailable data. eGloo Technologies, a Sydney based IT service provider and software developer, has entered into agreement with Sonra Intelligence, a Dublin headquartered big data specialist, to act as exclusive partner in Australia and New Zealand for Flexter, Sonra’s distributed big data ...

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Flexter Enterprise XML Converter – FAQ

Vadim Mytarev August 17, 2017

[x_accordion_item open=”true” title=”What is Flexter?“]Flexter is an enterprise ETL tool for XML/JSON. It automatically converts XML/JSON to text, any relational database, or Hadoop/Spark (ORC, Parquet, Avro). It works with any industry data standard (ACORD, FpML, FIXML, ISO 20022, HL7 etc.). Once the conversion process is complete, data analysts and other consumers in need of querying ...

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