Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Architecture Review Service.

Uli Bethke Oracle, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

There are various tell-tale signs that something is not quite right with your Oracle Data Integrator implementation. Does your ODI architecture suffer from the following symptoms? The ETL seems to take forever Some data flows take more than 30 minutes Your developers take ages to implement new data flows or change existing mappings The ETL breaks at least once a ...

What's the Big Deal about Big Data? Hear me speak at OUG Ireland. 11 March 2014. Convention Centre Dublin.

Uli Bethke Big Data, Irish BI SIG, Oracle

What's the Big Deal about Big Data? Hear me speak at OUG Ireland. 11 March 2014. Convention Centre Dublin. So what's the Big Deal about Big Data? Oil has fueled the Industrial Revolution. Data will fuel the Information Revolution. Not convinced? Did you know that Amazon has recently patented a technology based on a Big Data algorithm that will start ...

Exadata, Exalytics, SAP HANA and the multi billion dollar question.

Uli Bethke Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Oracle

Recently there has been a lot of noise around in memory databases and how Exadata, Exalytics and SAP HANA compare to each other. Here are my two cents on the debate. Why you can't compare Exalytics to SAP Hana It is the vision of SAP Hana to be used for both OLTP and analytics. As the name already suggests Exalytics ...

Uses of the modulo operator: How Oracle mod can make your life easier.

Uli Bethke Oracle

You may ask, what the heck is modulo? Well, below is an easy to understand definition.

Ok. That is great. But how can we actually benefit from this. What are common use cases? Use case 1: Wrap values such as in a clock, e.g. convert seconds to hours, minutes, seconds.

 Use case 2: Finding even or ...

Tom Kyte in Dublin take aways

Uli Bethke Oracle

Today I had the pleasure to listen to Tom Kyte talk about: - Big Data and the Oracle perspective and tool set on it - Database stuff: Statistics - More database stuff: compression & partitioning The most interesting part of the speech was the Oracle view on big data. The strategy is coherent and makes a lot of sense. However, ...