Converting and analysing Rugby JSON data to Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

Uli Bethke May 22, 2018

Here is another post that will show how you can work with the output from Flexter to analyse your data. In this post we will show you how to convert complex JSON files to Oracle Data Visualization Desktop. Oracle Data Visualization Desktop Oracle Data Visualization Desktop is a competing product to Tableau and PowerBI. It ...

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Convert Oracle XMLTYPE to Oracle tables

Chinmay Sinha January 27, 2018

In this example we will read XML data from a table with an XMLTYPE column in the Oracle database and convert the XML to tables in the same Oracle database. We will use Flexter to extract the data to and from the same database in this example. We need to give Flexter table and column ...

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Parsing XML to Oracle. ODI vs Flexter Enterprise XML Parser

Maciek Kocon December 27, 2016

In some previous posts we demonstrated how to load XML data into an Oracle database using ODI. We first looked at some of the issues when reverse engineering an XSD in ODI. Next we looked at various issues when parsing and processing XML files in ODI. We also showed that Flexter parses XML files without ...

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Converting XML files to Oracle without writing a single line of code

Maciek Kocon December 16, 2016

Parsing XML files to Oracle without writing a single line of code In a previous post we demonstrated how to use Flexter to convert XML data into TSV files. This was just an introduction demonstrating some basic features of Flexter including concepts around XML schema normalization and optimization. Converting XML into an Oracle Database This ...

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