Converting XML files to Oracle without writing a single line of code

Maciek Kocon December 16, 2016

Parsing XML files to Oracle without writing a single line of code In a previous post we demonstrated how to use Flexter to convert XML data into TSV files. This was just an introduction demonstrating some basic features of Flexter including concepts around XML schema normalization and optimization. Converting XML into an Oracle Database This ...

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Converting complex XML to CSV

Maciek Kocon November 28, 2016

Have you ever tried to process data in XML? Did you have to load its values into a relational database or simply convert it to plain CSV? Before I show you a simple way of processing complex XMLs, let’s first think out loud what XML actually is used for. Note: If you have a good ...

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Querying XML files with Tableau via Flexter

Uli Bethke November 17, 2016

Tutorial – Querying XML files with Tableau Tableau is a great visualisation tool that works with a large number of different file and data formats. One format that is not supported is data in XML files. There are some workarounds, e.g. using Excel to flatten the XML file. However, with deeply nested files or XMLs ...

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A brief history of XML – From hype to useful data format

Vadim Mytarev October 18, 2016

Is XML really dead? When it first became popular about 20 years ago, XML was meant to be the one and only format to serialize, encapsulate, and exchange data. The serialization format to end all serialization formats so to speak. This was a bold claim. Has it materialised? Over the last couple of years it ...

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