Data Mining Videos

December 24, 2010

Following on from my previous posting on online Data Mining books, this post contains links to some Data Mining videos that are available online on on my website.
Future of Baseball
CBC News Data Mining Resource page
The New Data Economy
Data Mining in Games
Microsoft: Get Started with Data Mining
Oracle Data Mining – Who Caught the Flu
Journalism in the Age of Data
Computer Science and Medicine
Data Visualisation

And here are the links to the Hans Rosling excellent videos .
World Data
Data Visualisation
BBC video – Data Visualisation

Yes there are loads of videos online and on youtube on that mining, but what I want to give you is a list of presentations that I have found over the past few years to be the most interesting and valuable.

If you know of any other videos that you would like to share, then send me the details and I will update the post.

There are a large number of lectures and presentations on data mining available at Video Lectures.

Updated 11-Jan-11

The Open University has a site titled Joy of Stats that has a number of data analyse videos

The beauty of data visualization – TED talk