Big Data News – Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland event and Elasticsearch release… a week in review…

October 9, 2015

A smashing success at Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland with the October 6th event  @AIB Bank Centre and Elasticsearch released 2.0.0.-rcl for testing

HUG Ireland had its October event at AIB on October 6th on Big Data Case Studies: AIB, Recommenders at Scale, Data Catalogs, which was a great success in AIB Bank Centre on Dublin’s south side. There were approximately 80 group members in attendance enjoying AIB’s hospitality and hearing three great talks on Big Data Use Cases in the Hadoop ‘Big Data Space’. First up was Tommy Mitchell, Data Scientist  and Kevin McTiernan, Data Analyst with AIB on AIB’s experience with Hadoop processing the vast amounts of big data that AIB collect in the back end of their infrastructure. It was an insightful exploration of design and practical solutioning in the big data world for AIB’s hard working clusters.
Dr. Eoin Hurrell gave a fascinating overview of Recommenders at Scale and how the predictive algorithm works very well on Spark sitting on a Hadoop cluster. The impact of the approach with relatively little code in the script was truly impressive at scale; as was the connections made by the algorithm along with the recommendations made. We look forward to hearing from Dr Hurrell into the future on such fascinating topics for our group! Finally, Uli Bethke, Co Founder of Sonra gave a very interesting overview of Data Cataloging in the Data Lake, when deployed in data lake architecture can make productive the massive amounts of data that too often gets “dumped” in the lake. Uli demonstrated a data cataloging tool called WaterLine. He also notes another tool for data cataloging called “Tamr”, which is distributed on a free licence and is in the beta stage.  The technology for cataloging indexes in the ‘data lake’ is improving rapidly and Uli’s insights demonstrate that what was once impossible is not only possible, but can be done with a few clicks through a comfortable user interface. Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland will have it’s next event to be officially published in the coming days for Monday, November 9th at Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2.
In other news, Elasticsearch have excited the big data community with its 2.0.0-rcl release for testing, which will see a production release coming very soon. It’s based on Lucene 5.2.1, noting this release is NOT deployable in production. It’s a great opportunity to preview the next iteration of Elasticsearch and test against your own infrastructure for problems and bugs that can get sorted (hopefully) before the production release reducing migration impact and associated costs along with increasing upgrade ease of transition. You can find out more and download 2.0.0-rcl via the Elasticsearch blog article on the release. 
Needless to say, its being an exciting week for HUG Ireland and big data in general, which can only get better with time and the passion we hold for our industry. The future looks bright indeed! Have a great weekend all!
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