Installing ODI 11g, Weblogic, JDK on 64 Bit Windows

April 24, 2011

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Download and install JRockit JDK 28.1.1 for 64 Bit Windows

You can download either the 64 Bit version of the Sun JDK or alternatively the 64 Bit version of the Jrockit JDK. For this tutorial we will be using the 64 Bit Jrockit JDK.

Install the JDK and take a note of the JDK install path (you will need this later).

Download generic Weblogic 10.3.3.

The generic WLS version does not contain any of the platform dependent files such as a specific JDK etc. It can be used to install on both 32 Bit and 64 Bit operating systems. For the difference and other details refer to How To Choose The Correct WebLogic Server (WLS) Installer For A Specific OS Hardware Architecture Bit Level (32bit-64bit) [ID 1058925.1]

java –jar wls1033_generic.jar

During the install you are asked to point Weblogic to the 64 Bit JDK.


Download and install ODI generic for 64 bit

Download ODI 11g generic version.

Install ODI as per documentation.

In the generic installer you are prompted for the path to the 64 Bit JDK when you launch the installer. You need to manually enter this information.


ODI Studio not supported on 64 Bit.

As per note ID 1214428.1 ODI Studio is not supported on 64 Bit
You will need a 32 Bit JDK for ODI Studio.
Point Java Home for ODI Studio to 32 Bit JVM.

64 Bit ODBC drivers

If you are connecting to MS Access or MS Excel you will need ODBC 64 Bit drivers.

I could not find any standalone ODBC driver download location on the Microsoft website for these. If anyone knows of a standalone version of these please let me know.

Alternatively, you can download 64 Bit ODBC drivers from Easysoft.