Now offering data mining training courses and a dimensional modelling training module

October 14, 2009

I am proud to announce a couple of new training courses on data mining, master data management, and dimensional modelling at competitive rates.

The data modelling training will cover the core concepts of Data Warehousing and Dimensional Modelling. We will also offer two training courses on data mining. The first one of these will be aimed at managers and novices in the area. It will give a high level overview on key data mining concepts and issues. The second course will specifically deal with data mining on Oracle using PL/SQL and the Oracle data mining tool. We have also put together a Master Data Management training course. Have a look at our training pages for details.

The courses can be delivered either on-site at our client’s premises or off-site in a classroom environment at a location of choice.

Contact us about details and competitive rates.

All courses will be delivered by Brendan Tierney . Brendan has over 16 years experience working in data design and architecture, with the last 13 years working in Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses, training, and lecturing. He was the first consultant at fraud detection software company Norkom (link to website) where he was heavily involved in projects in Ireland, Belgium and USA. Before Norkom he worked as a consultant with Deloitte Management Consultants and Oracle.