What’s the Big Deal about Big Data? Hear me speak at OUG Ireland. 11 March 2014. Convention Centre Dublin.
So what’s the Big Deal about Big Data? Oil has fueled the Industrial Revolution. Data will fuel the Information Revolution.
Not convinced? Did you know that Amazon has recently patented a technology based on a Big Data algorithm that will start the shipping process before you have completed your order. That’s right. Amazon knows that you will buy some stuff from their website before you know it yourself. How amazing or scary is that?
In my upcoming presentation on 11 March in the Convention Centre in Dublin I will explore this topic further and I will talk about
– What is Big Data (and what it is not)?
– Some interesting use cases to show you what is possible.
– Why the traditional data warehouse framework and technology don’t work for Big Data.
– Big Data architecture for the Information revolution.
– The Oracle Big Data armoury
Registration for the event is now open.
Hope to see you there and talk about your Big Data project.