Apache Spark Quickstart Packages

May 15, 2017

We are pleased to announce three Apache Spark Quickstart Packages. The packages are designed for companies that want to explore and evaluate Apache Spark.

Example Use Cases

The quickstart packages can be used for various scenarios. I have listed some use cases below.

  • You would like to evaluate a certain Spark feature and identify its benefits and limitations
  • You don’t have the bandwidth to explore and implement a certain Spark feature
  • You are looking to offload certain workloads such as ETL from your data warehouse
  • You want to explore the streaming and realtime
  • You would like to compare a feature in Spark to some other framework
  • You need to develop a custom data analytics application, e.g. processing of unstructured data

Three different packages

Depending on the particular use case we are offering three different types of packages

Package NameDescriptionPrice
Small Spark Quickstarter3 days solution architect
7 days principal Spark developer
7,500 Euros ex VAT
Medium Spark Quickstarter6 days solution architect
14 days principal Spark developer
14,000 Euros ex VAT
Large Spark Quickstarter9 days solution architect
21 days principal Spark developer
21,000 Euros ex VAT

You can sign up for the selected package right here!

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