Oracle on Windows in the EC2 cloud. Persist computer name across instance shutdown.

Uli Bethke Amazon EC2, Oracle

For various reasons it is important that your Windows computer name persists across instance shutdown on EC2 (listener, tnsnames.ora, loopback adapter etc.). To achieve this you need to perform the following steps: 1. Connect to your instance via remote desktop 2. Change the computer name via control panel 3. Open windows explorer and browse to the EC2 config tool. By ...

Asynch CDC: Delete old archived redo logs

Uli Bethke Oracle

The following steps need to be taken to be able to delete archived redo logs that are no longer required by the CDC capture process: 1. Determine the new first_scn for your capture process

As per Oracle documentation: This query "determines a new first_scn value that is greater than the original first_scn value and less than or equal to ...