eGloo Tech and Sonra enter exclusive ANZ partnership for specialist big data ETL solution Flexter.

November 20, 2017

Flexter transforms complex XML structures and dramatically accelerates processing of vast data sets, liberating previously unavailable data.

eGloo Technologies, a Sydney based IT service provider and software developer, has entered into agreement with Sonra Intelligence, a Dublin headquartered big data specialist, to act as exclusive partner in Australia and New Zealand for Flexter, Sonra’s distributed big data solution for XML ETL (extract, transform, load).
Flexter is a powerful enterprise XML parser that liberates data from complex structures. It automatically converts arbitrarily complex XML files to a database, text, or Hadoop.
Uli Bethke CEO of Sonra explained,

“Despite only being less than a year old Flexter’s growth potential required a partner network earlier than we expected. eGloo Technologies were recommended by an industry insider and are a perfect fit for ANZ as exclusive partner. They have a great team with a broad skill set, with specialist expertise in XML platforms and a great network to scale from. We’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”         

Don Stolee founder and CEO of eGloo Technologies said,

“Over the past 15 years our specialist experience in enterprise XML and data services has given us an insight into the potential for a big data XML innovation like Flexter.”

 “We have always been evangelists of XML, and Flexter truly transforms the ability to harvest efficient intelligence from valuable XML structures. We are very excited to partner with Sonra who are leaders in big data. There is no ETL product out there this powerful, scalable or cost effective for XML conversion to other data storage formats.”

eGloo Tech will be responsible for developing the market for Flexter in Australia and New Zealand including product implementation, client support and collaborating on sales, and marketing initiatives.
Flexter has racked up number of impressive enterprise clients including Irish national carrier Aer Lingus whose bookings data creates or updates about 50,000 XML files per day. An ETL project was pulled after 50 days when the original ETL tool used by the external partner couldn’t handle the XML schema correctly. Flexter was brought in and in a matter of days conquered the XML big data challenge which had remained unsolved for a total of three years. Flexter dramatically cut the cost of XML ingestion, eliminating the alternative cost quote of 120-man days to fix, while permanently reducing the ongoing data maintenance cost.

About eGloo Technologies P/L

Since 2002, eGloo Technologies has been providing consultation and professional services for XML technologies, data conversion and application development. In 2014 eGloo Technologies developed and launched tekReader, an innovative web based eReader and digital publishing platform that includes an easy-to-use structured authoring template, and publishing utility.

About Sonra Intelligence Ltd

Sonra is the data liberation company. We liberate enterprise data from the shackles of legacy formats and complex XML data standards and convert it to a database, text, or Hadoop. Founded in 2014, Sonra provides professional services in big data and data warehousing. In 2017 Sonra released Flexter Data Liberator a big data converter that automatically transforms XML to a database, text, or Hadoop. Not a single line of code needed.

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