Mission Statement

At Sonra we firmly believe that data is an organisation’s most valuable asset. Our mission is to unleash the value of this data, thereby increasing our client’s profits or reducing their costs. We strive to help our clients gain a strategic advantage over their competition by turning their data into information, gaining insights from that information, and turning those insights into a profit impact.

Let your data speak to you.

Uli Bethke, Data Warehouse Super Hero

Uli has been working in data integration and business intelligence for what seems to be forever. Uli has worked on large scale enterprise data integration projects in practically all areas touching on data: data warehousing, data integration, MDM, data quality, data modeling, data architecture, BI and reporting tools, analytics, enterprise architecture, and recently Big Data.
He has delivered successful projects in many different verticals such as finance, life sciences, education, utilities, and retail across both Europe and North America (and a little bit in Asia).

Uli is probably best known for his passion about Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and data integration. He has been writing on this blog for the last five years and (hopefully) provided many insights and tips and tricks small and big to the (Oracle) BI/DW community. He has attended many conferences and has given highly successful presentations on best practices in data warehousing and business intelligence. Uli has held the deputy chair of the Irish BI SIG OUG since 2009 and was instrumental in setting up this group. He is also the reviewer of two ODI 11g books – one of them the forthcoming ODI 11g cookbook and has written articles for OTN. Time permitting he also answers questions on OTN and the LinkedIn forums.

He believes that the main trends we will be witnessing over the coming years will be a big push towards In Memory Databases (IMDB) and Big Data solutions for both structured and unstructured data.

“I love to learn new things and improve every day. This is good for Amazon but not for the limited space on my book shelf.”

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Maciek Kocon, Data Warehouse Super Hero

Maciek has always been passionate about computing but only got serious about it after he discovered that the process of developing software is actually even more enjoyable when other people can use it too. This was around the year 2000 when he began his professional career as a database application programmer.

Shortly after he entered the realm of BI and data warehousing and has since specialized in the custom design of various data integration frameworks, mainly intended for high data volumes. His experience covers the entire data warehouse lifecycle which is practically an art of forging business requirements into robust enterprise solutions. He has applied all that knowledge in various industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail, Public Sector, Telecommunications and Life Sciences.

In his data integration projects he has mainly used an E-LT approach and effectively turned into an evangelist of this paradigm.

He became very enthusiastic when he found out that there’s an EL-T tool which can finally fully leverage the power of in-database processing without managing tons of scripts. This tool at the time was called Sunopsis, which we now all know under the name of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

For the last 8 years Maciek has been busy performing ETL framework customizations tailored for enterprise class data warehouse implementations.

He has contributed with his experience as a reviewer of two ODI books “Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator 11g” and the unpublished Oracle Data Integrator 11g Cookbook.

He believes no technology or product will deliver the complete solution without the right people driving it.

Personally a keen photographer, sushi addict, ornament graphics collector and also a failed sailor.

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