Empowering SQL Data Engineers

FlowHigh lifts data processing
with SQL to the next level.

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Productive data engineers and SQL
developers love FlowHigh


More simplicity,less bugs

Make SQL code easier to read, reduce
the number of bugs, automate documentation

From Code to Clarity: Visualizing SQL code for Documentation and Debugging

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visualise SQL
optimise SQL

Analyse SQL

Automatic detection
of bad SQL code

Automatically detect bugs and performance issues in your SQL
code, reduce compute costs by eliminating performance

Preventing query catastrophe with FlowHigh SQL Analyser

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parse SQL

Performance tuning,
easy migrations

Migrate SQL code to an ETL tool, migrate SQL databases,
populate data catalogs, extract
business rules for auto generated documentation

SQL Parser use cases

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visualise SQL
visualise SQL

format sql

Standardised format,
better readability

Standardise on a readable format that
is easily understood across all SQL developers
and data engineers

Data lineage

Better governance,
impact analysis

Improve data compliance and risk management,
faster root-cause analysis, understand downstream
impact, drive automatic data quality, facilitate
auditing and documentation

visualise SQL
visualise SQL

Tune SQL

Optimise query

Save costs by optimising your queries for minimum
impact on database performance.

Built by sql developers

All in one SQL upgrade

Format, visualise, parse, tune & analyse
your SQL. Automation by programmatic access