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Rapidly Turn Unreadable Data Into Valuable Insights Using Flexter

Say farewell to complex and laborious conversion projects. Flexters market-leading solution effortlessly transforms XML and JSON data into actionable insights in record speeds. Click the ‘Book a Demo’ button below to see it in action.

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Unlock The Power of Your Data

Data is the lifeblood of business. But what good is data that can’t be utilised? Flexter works by automating the process of converting XML and JSON data into easy-to-read formats - enabling you to harness its full potential.

The Old Way (Without Flexter)

Data stored in industry-standard formats is unreadable

Unreadable data locks away valuable insights

Converting data requires a long and complex process

Conversion attempts take weeks or months of wasted time

Projects often fail, leaving you feeling frustrated and out of pocket  

Lost insights impact your ability to grow

Leaving you vulnerable to the competition

The New Way (With Flexter)

Rapidly convert your data within 24 to 48 hours

Unlock valuable insights on autopilot

No coding skills - free up engineers for more impactful tasks

Save weeks or months of wasted time and frustration

Remove the guesswork and start projects instantly

Stay ahead of the competition

Utilise data to optimise and grow faster

Support for all clouds

Integrate with your existing cloud service. Including AWS, GCP and Azure

Support for all data stacks

We cover them all, including Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks, Oracle, SQL Server, Parquet, Delta Lake

Full automation

Get end-to-end automation on every aspect of your conversion project including data lineage and data models.

Run on site or in the cloud

Complete projects with ease from anywhere without restrictions

Format Optimisation 

Optimise and format your converted data to make it crystal clear

Applicable to all industries

Whether you’re in Retail, Healthcare, Finance or Hospitality - Flexter covers your industry

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The simple three-step method to harness your data  

Cultivate insights and drive growth with three simple steps

Step 1: Extraction

With a quick, all-in-one approach, we dissect XML/JSON documents to reveal key information and actionable intelligence

Step 2: Optimisation

We develop a well-organised target schema and establish precise mappings between XML/JSON elements and the relevant database tables and columns

Step 3: Conversion

With every influx of new data, our system efficiently processes and converts the incoming XML/JSON into easy to read insights.

Why Choose Flexter?

Flexter has been purposefully designed and expertly engineered to stand as the #1 premier data conversion solution on the planet. Here’s six reasons we’re the top choice for the world's leading corporations:

Proven Success

Our founders share over four decades of experience in the data industry working with global corporations. Their extensive background encompasses a wide range of projects and challenges, equipping them with unparalleled expertise.

Guarantee Results 

Flexter guarantees unmatched high-quality results. Eliminating unpredictable manual processes that consume valuable time and resources.

Expert Endorsements

Ralph Kimball (the godfather of Data Analysis) inspired Flexters innovation. He famously quoted “The construction of an XML parser is a project in itself - not to be attempted by the Data Warehouse Team"

Renowned Industry Experts 

Flexters groundbreaking developments have been led by our CEO, Uli Bethke. Renowned globally for his expertise and celebrated in various publications and international conferences.

Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency

Flexter empowers you to initiate projects rapidly, streamlining the deployment process and liberating crucial resources. This acceleration in going live significantly speeds up data conversion processes.

Global ‘Market-Leading’ Clients

Flexter has established itself as the reliable and trusted solution among Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
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Explore Flexter’s Full Capabilities

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