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SQL Challenge: Tackling the Island Problem in Time Series Data

Jump into our SQL Challenge! Today, we’re exploring customer loyalty trends. Are you prepared to show off your SQL skills? About the quiz In this SQL pop quiz, we’re challenging you to demonstrate your understanding of islands in a time series data set. Whoever submits the correct and most performant query will be featured in …

Kristijan Berta November 7, 2023

How to Parse & Flatten XML in Snowflake With Examples

In this post we cover every detail of parsing XML in Snowflake including storing, loading, querying, and parsing XML. Very few cloud data platforms have native support for parsing XML.…
abbi June 3, 2024

Data Orchestration Deep Dive Snowflake Tasks. An Airflow replacement? 

What are Snowflake Tasks Snowflake introduced Tasks for scheduling and orchestrating data pipelines and workflows in late 2019. The first release of Tasks only offered the option to schedule SQL…
Kristijan Berta May 3, 2024
XML Conversion Using Python

XML Conversion Using Python in 2024

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a common data format for data exchange and used in various industry data standards such as ISO 20022, HL7, ACORD just to name a few.…
Kristijan Berta March 21, 2024

Best Way to Load & Convert XML Data to Oracle Tables

It's very easy to get lost in the Oracle features for working with XML. The following questions come up frequently: What are my options for working with XML in Oracle?…
abbi March 4, 2024

9 Critical Types of XML Tools for Developers

Trying to code XML and XSDs by hand is really tedious. It can be easy to mess up, especially with more complex XML based on industry data standards. XML software…
Kristijan Berta February 9, 2024

How to Parse XML Data in SQL Server

The many options available for loading, querying, shredding, and converting XML on SQL Server can often be overwhelming for beginners. SQLXML, XPath, XQuery, OPENXML, FOR XML, OPENROWSET, BULK INSERT are…
Kristijan Berta January 25, 2024