Self-Service Analytics in the Data Lake

fsd_admin July 23, 2015

Deriving Value from your data… We all know that decision makers and analysts need quick access to all of the structured and unstructured data in an enterprise. Typically this data is locked away in various source systems and can’t be queried from a single central location The data warehouse set out to fix this problem ...

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Endeca text enrichment. Entities extraction, sentiment analysis, and text tagging with Lexalytics customer defined lists. I love this one!

fsd_admin April 18, 2013

One of the interesting options of Endeca is its integration with text mining software Lexalytics (licensed separately). Lexalytics offers many text analysis functions such as sentiment analysis, document collection analysis, named entity extraction, theme and context extraction, summarization, document classification etc. Endeca exposes some of this functionality via its text enrichment component in Clover ETL. ...

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