Snowflake Snowsight: 7 refreshing features

Dan Galavan July 16, 2020

Overview: With the acquisition of Numeracy in March 2019, Snowflake took a step towards enhancing the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform web user experience. This is in the form of a new offering called Snowflake Snowsight. Not only does Snowsight provide features such as automatic contextual statistics, script version history, and custom filtering, but also data ...

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Medvault Success Story – Primary Healthcare Analytics on the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Dan Galavan June 29, 2020

Overview: MedVault, an organization offering data management services in primary healthcare, identified the need for a platform which would help their clients to really unlock the value of their data. This required a scalable, compliant, and secure analytics platform which would monitor and measure healthcare practice performance across thousands of data points, identify patient cohorts ...

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