Snowflake vs. Redshift – Support for Handling JSON

Uli Bethke June 22, 2021

ANSI SQL 2016 introduced support for querying JSON data directly from SQL. This is a common use case nowadays. JSON is everywhere in web based applications, IOT, NoSQL databases, and when querying APIs. In this document we compare Amazon Redshift and Snowflake features to handle JSON documents. Loading JSON data In this section, we will ...

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Using Virtual Data Marts the right way

Uli Bethke May 26, 2021

Virtual data marts can be a useful design pattern but there are a few things you should know before you use them. Virtual data marts are logical views modeled dimensionally on top of an integration layer or a persisted staging area. Don’t confuse them with data virtualisation or data federation. Virtual data marts are built ...

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Converting XML to Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Azure Synapse. A comparison

Uli Bethke May 24, 2021

Today, with the rise of the data and cloud-computing applications, the need of storing and analyzing the growing number of semi-structured data is increased. The data originating from a wide range of sources such as sensors, IOT devices, application logs, etc. use semi-structured data formats such as XML, JSON, Avro, etc. because of their flexibility. ...

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Location analytics on Snowflake with OpenStreetMap, US property data, and our ready made Geography Dimension

Uli Bethke February 19, 2021

We have made available a ready made Geography Dimension on the Snowflake Data Marketplace. The marketplace is one of the components of the Snowflake Data Cloud. It covers the first to fifth order administrative divisions and cities in all major countries. This can be used for drilling down / rolling up in any type of location ...

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