Converting XML and JSON to a Data Lake

Uli Bethke September 30, 2021

Data lakes are a popular design pattern in data analytics. A data lake is used to store a copy of data coming from operational source systems such as relational databases. You can choose from dozens of tools to populate a data lake from relational and structured data sources. However, it gets tricky when you want ...

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Snowflake vs. Redshift – Support for Handling JSON

Uli Bethke June 22, 2021

ANSI SQL 2016 introduced support for querying JSON data directly from SQL. This is a common use case nowadays. JSON is everywhere in web based applications, IOT, NoSQL databases, and when querying APIs. In this document we compare Amazon Redshift and Snowflake features to handle JSON documents. Loading JSON data In this section, we will ...

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Converting and Masking Zendesk JSON to a database (Oracle)

Uli Bethke September 17, 2019

For this post we will mask and convert Zendesk JSON data to Oracle. We will use Sonra’s obfuscation tool Paranoid (open source) and Sonra’s data warehouse automation tool for XML, JSON, and industry data standards Flexter as a Service (FaaS). FaaS follows a pay as you go model. Flexter is also available as a free ...

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Converting Slack JSON data to a database (Snowflake)

Uli Bethke August 6, 2019

In this blog post we will show you how fast and easy it is to obfuscate Slack JSON data and convert it to Snowflake. We will use Sonra’s obfuscation tool Paranoid (open source) to mask the JSON documents we have retrieved from the Slack API. We will use Flexter to convert the data to a ...

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