e-book: A comparison of cloud data warehouse platforms

An ideal warehouse solution would be deployed within minutes, and quickly grow (or shrink) compute resources independent of storage.  It would scale from gigabytes to petabytes, with costs in line with usage, and would be managed as a service, needing little or no database administration or tuning.

In this eBook, author John Ryan and co-author Uli Bethke consider modern cloud based data warehouse technology, and explores the key criteria for an analytics database.  Five options from the market leading vendors are compared.

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Gain insights into topics including:

  • The seven key benefits of cloud based analytics
  • Evaluation criteria for a cloud based data warehouse
  • How challenger vendors have changed the IT landscape
  • And more

Vendors Include:

  • AWS
  • Hadoop
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Snowflake