Convert MISMO XML to Hive and Parquet

Anvesh Gali XML

In this walkthrough, we will convert the MISMO (The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization) XML files to Parquet and query in Hive. The XML files are converted to Parquet using the enterprise version of Flexter. The enterprise version provides users with numerous additional features which aren’t available on the free version of Flexter (try for free). In the following steps, ...

Big Data News: HUG Ireland’s 1st 2016 Big Data Event, Airbnb’s Predictive Model using NPS and Hive Optimization

Uli Bethke Apache, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, ETL, Hadoop, Hive, HUG Ireland, Technology

Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland packed the house with a great evening on Apache Mesos/Myriad and an overview of Airbnb’s Predictive Model After a restful holiday season, the new year kicked off in style for Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland with its opening 2016 event at Synchronoss on January 11th. We heard from Mary Mangru, President of DAMA Ireland about ...

In-memory analytics with Tableau, SparkSQL, and MapR

Uli Bethke Big Data, Hadoop, Hive, MapR, Spark, SparkSQL, Tableau

Last week Tableau released version 9.0 of their data visualisation tool. From a Big Data point of view the nicest new feature was support for querying cached (in-memory) SchemaRDDs (Data Frames as of Spark 1.3). In this tutorial I will show you how to connect to Spark 1.2.1 on the MapR 4.1 sandbox with Tableau 9.0. Pre-requisites: - Download the ...

Using parameters and variables in Hive CLI

Maciek Kocon Hadoop, Hive

In this blog post we look at how we can address a shortcoming in the Hive ALTER TABLE statement using parameters and variables in the Hive CLI (Hive 0.13 was used). There's a simple way to query Hive parameter values directly from CLI You simply execute (without specifying the value to be set):

for instance

You may use ...