[Video] Convert XML to Trifacta

Uli Bethke July 5, 2017

Converting XML to Text in Flexter. Wrangling with the Output in Trifacta In this video we will show you how Flexter’s powerful XML Converter and Trifacta’s powerful data preparation tool work hand in hand to liberate and analyse data that is locked away in obscure XML files. One of the great things about Trifacta is ...

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Mapping AWS, Google Cloud, Azure Services to Big Data Warehouse Architecture

Uli Bethke June 28, 2017

The Reference Big Data Warehouse Architecture Below is a representation of the big data warehouse architecture. I won’t go into the details of the features and components. If you want to find out more about the gory details I recommend my excellent training course Big Data for Data Warehouse and BI Professionals. Comparing Big Data ...

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Data Warehouse and BI Leaders. Share your Big Data Experience with us!

Uli Bethke June 22, 2017

Are you a data warehouse or data management leader? Have you had any experience with Big Data technologies? What has worked for you and what hasn’t? Can you spare some of your time to share some lessons you learned with our blog audience? Yes? That’s great. Please get in touch or connect with me on ...

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Flexter XML Converter V2 Released

Uli Bethke June 13, 2017

We have released V2 of our powerful enterprise XML converter Flexter Data Liberator. You can now process XML files without the need for a separate XSD. Under the hood, Flexter samples the submitted XML files and based on statistics derives a schema. In combination with the optimisation features we are able to generate an ultra ...

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