Converting CRS XML to AWS Athena

Uli Bethke October 29, 2021

AWS Athena does not have native support for XML. Processing XML files on AWS Athena is slow, manual, and error prone. One option is to use AWS Glue and convert your XML to CSV, TSV or Parquet. You would need to have technical knowledge to use AWS Glue and to do a lot of manual ...

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SQL Parser Use Cases.

Uli Bethke October 22, 2021

Benefits for Data Governance and Data Engineering 1. What is an SQL Parser? You are probably surprised to learn that SQL parsing underpins many data governance and data engineering use cases ranging from data lineage to performance tuning, data protection, productivity and many more. An SQL Parser deconstructs an SQL query into its individual components. ...

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Converting XML and JSON to a Data Lake

Uli Bethke September 30, 2021

Data lakes are a popular design pattern in data analytics. A data lake is used to store a copy of data coming from operational source systems such as relational databases. You can choose from dozens of tools to populate a data lake from relational and structured data sources. However, it gets tricky when you want ...

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Converting SDMX XML to BigQuery

Uli Bethke June 22, 2021

You don’t have many options for processing XML on BigQuery. If our data is in Avro, JSON, Parquet, etc. then you can load it easily to BigQuery. But what about XML? BigQuery does not provide any native support to deal with XML documents. Converting XML to BigQuery is a manual, time consuming and error prone ...

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