Data Science & Data Discovery Platforms Compared. Datameer and Dataiku DSS go head to head.

Uli Bethke February 12, 2016

Overview We recently performed an evaluation of various data science and data discovery platforms for one of our clients. We looked in detail at Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS) and Datameer, but also did a high level evaluation of similar tools from Trifecta, Platfora, Alteryx, and others. This post focuses on a comparison of Datameer ...

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Big Data News: Apache Samza V 0,0.10 Release and Dataiku on great Predictive Modelling for Healthcare

Uli Bethke January 22, 2016

Apache Samza Release of V 0,0.10 and Dataiku’s Free eBook on how great Predictive Modelling projects are done in Healthcare As the week draws to a close, the team here at Sonra have once again been impressed by the recent developments our industry has presented our community with. Apache has launched their new release of ...

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Big Data News: Apps Development with “JSON” and an Open Source “Spark” Library for Geospatial Analysis

Uli Bethke October 23, 2015

Faster Big Data Apps Developments with Open Source JSON UI called “OJAI” and how the Spark Library “Magellan” will come to the rescue in Geo Spatial Analysis As the week moves closer to an end, the team at Sonra have been impressed with the developments reviewed, which positively reflects the direction our community is headed ...

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Data discovery and the unfulfilled promises of self-service Business Intelligence

Uli Bethke October 12, 2015

Self-service BI is all about allowing business users or non-technical staff to generate insights from data. It is about to make its breakthrough in the enterprise! Happy days. Unfortunately, this has been the headline prediction for the last ten years. The hype has never really materialised. So why has self-service BI struggled so much to ...

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