0% coding, 100% automation

Projects that can take weeks or months, or never get finished, can be completed in a day or two with Flexter.

Flexter requires no coding skills and is a totally automated way to un-silo industry-standard XML data and convert it into a readable database.

Whatever sector you operate in, industry data standards “warehouse” the data in formats that need unpacking before you can interpret and analyse it meaningfully.

Flexter is unique in data management and data warehousing software in that it completely automates the process of data conversion.

In insurance, finance, healthcare, travel, and retail, this is particularly common, with slow, laborious and expensive processes for accessing and analysing your critical data.

Specialist skills are often required and need to be hired at costly rates.

That slows down the flow of information that data analysts need and, higher up the chain, it impacts important decision-making.

Flexter changes all that, freeing your time and budget up to focus on providing real value to the business and getting your data rapidly into a readable and analysable database format.

Without the need to write a single line of code.

How can something so simple save so much time?

Flexter works with any volume of data using a simple three-step process:

Step 1

In a rapid, one-time operation, we scan and traverse XML/JSON documents for information and intelligence.

Step 2

We create a logical target schema and the mappings between XML/JSON elements and the database tables and columns.

Step 3

We process and convert the XML/JSON documents each time new data arrives.

This produces guaranteed, high-quality results that remove the uncertainty and inaccuracy from laborious manual processes that may never provide the results you’re looking for.

Use Flexter to solve the following data issues…

1. You have an urgent conversion project that requires expertise not available in-house

Conversion projects involve a long and costly development life cycle, often requiring a set of hard-to-find niche skills. These skills are considered “legacy” and data engineers are reluctant to train in them due to lack of demand.

Introducing Flexter…

Instantly convert XML to a database, data warehouse or data lake, without any coding or esoteric niche skills required.

2. You have a huge volume of data to convert

In-house conversion projects may be effective for small amounts of data but often fail miserably with larger data volumes – either taking too long or being abandoned completely.

Introducing Flexter…

Flexter was specifically designed to be fast and scalable to any size project. It can be scaled up and scaled out to handle petabytes of data and billions of XML documents.

3. You are unsure whether your project can be completed

Many in-house data conversion projects fail due to time and budget restraints. They simply take too long. When you start out, this brings uncertainty and doubt to the decision-making processes.

Introducing Flexter…

Flexter eliminates this risk. Just run a pilot or PoC and you will get confirmation that it works from the beginning of the project.

4. Decision-makers are impatient for the data they need

The time-consuming and labour-intensive nature of data conversion projects makes them extremely stressful for those responsible for getting the data to decision-makers.

Introducing Flexter…

With Flexter, you know how long the conversion process will take and can inform the relevant decision-makers when they will receive the data. There are no delays and important business decisions can be based on accurate facts.

5. Changes to the industry data standard or XML add complexity to the conversion process

Changes to the industry data standard or XML often trigger a failure in the conversion process. The code needs to be refactored and needs to go through the development lifecycle.

Introducing Flexter…

When Flexter encounters a new version of a standard or new versions of XML documents, it continues to work. The software can upgrade semi-automatically and will continue processing, sending out alerts and warnings.

Who’s it for?

Are you:

  • A data warehouse manager?
  • A data analytics manager?
  • A data architect?
  • The VP of data?
  • A BI manager?
  • The Director of analytics?
If so, Flexter is about to make your life a lot easier and more stress-free.

In fact, we will go further than that. We have seen managers and architects in data analytics roles advance their careers simply by adopting the leading-edge technology that Flexter provides to their organisation.

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Who are we?

Ralph Kimball, probably the single most important figure in the history of data warehousing and often considered the “father” of it, said:

Because of such inherent complexity, never plan on writing your own XML processing interface to parse XML documents.

The structure of an XML document is quite involved, and the construction of an XML parser is a project in itself—not to be attempted by the data warehouse team.

And so it was with us. Our own frustration of working with XML and JSON in data warehouse projects drove us to develop Flexter.

Most of these past projects either ran over time, over budget or failed completely and had to be aborted.

We knew there had to be a better way and that’s when we created Flexter.

Once we saw how much time and money it saved us, we realised how valuable this tool could be to other organisations.

Our founder and CEO, Uli Bethke is a veteran of the data warehouse industry.

He has implemented dozens of data warehouses across four continents, ranging from small data marts to large scale enterprises with multi-million-dollar budgets.

Uli is the author of several books on data integration and a regular speaker at international conferences. He is also a VP and the co-founder of DAMA Ireland, the Irish branch of DAMA International.

You did in one day what we could not achieve in three years!

Aer Lingus

As the second biggest airline in Ireland, with over 10 million passengers annually, Aer Lingus must process enormous amounts of data.

The company recently set out to transform the way it handles data and utilises analytics with a future goal of delivering business intelligence and analytics in real-time to all areas of the business.

The main issue was the nightly loading of booking data, which an in-house project had failed to solve.

We implemented Flexter to handle this. It required no custom development and was up and running within a day.

Key results:

  • Eliminated project risk – Aer Lingus knew immediately that our solution worked
  • A dramatic cut in costs of XML ingestion – 120 man-days and the ongoing cost for code maintenance were eliminated
  • Meeting SLAs – Flexter performed orders of magnitude better than the previous aborted attempt, helping Aer Lingus meet SLAs.

Flexter FAQs

How do you charge for your services?

Book a demo to discuss pricing.

We don’t have the necessary in-house expertise for a particular project. Can you help?

XML and JSON conversion projects often involve a long and costly development life cycle, requiring a set of hard-to-find niche skills.

These skills are considered “legacy” and data engineers are reluctant to train in them due to lack of demand.

We solve that problem for you with Flexter, which instantly converts XML or JSON data to a database, data warehouse, or data lake, without any coding or esoteric niche skills required.

Can you help with huge volumes of data?

In-house conversion projects may struggle with larger data volumes—either taking too long or projects being abandoned completely.

Flexter was specifically designed to be fast and scalable to handle petabytes of data and billions of XML documents.

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What next?

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We will provide a full rundown of all Flexter features and demonstrate how it can start making your life easier.

We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have…

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