Big Data News – LinkedIn’s Ops team raises it’s Hadoop game with “Rewinder”

Uli Bethke September 25, 2015

LinkedIn’s new “Rewinder” tool outshines Apache Resource Manager and Job History Server on its Hadoop clusters… SIREn Solutions announces Kibi Another week has passed where the team at Sonra have been impressed with developments in our big data community. LinkedIn is a big data company, which also happens to do other stuff that pays the ...

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Big Data News – Apache Ignite™, High Fashion PCA’s and Bloom Filters… tailoring your big data approach!

Uli Bethke August 28, 2015

Significantly reduce your storage requirements using PCA and exponentially ignite your processing speed on Spark   An innovative use case for principal component analysis from Eigen Style was delivered in a blog post by Grace Avery. The objects in question are pictures of models modelling womenswear and how components of the pictures can be “modelled” ...

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