New Oracle Data Mining tool video

Uli Bethke February 16, 2011

Charlie Berger has recently put together a video demonstrating the new Oracle Data Mining tool. The link to this video is The video gives a demonstration of some of the main stepts in building and applying a classification model. He also demonstrates applying classification to the same data. The new ODM interface is due ...

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Data integration, ETL, and data quality with Google Refine 2.0

Uli Bethke December 6, 2010

On 10 November, Google announced Google Refine 2.0. The tool is open source. It has some advanced data quality and data transformation functionality. But nothing really we haven’t seen before. However, where the tool really shines is in the area of data augmentation. The tool ships with pre-defined data augmentation services that automate the process ...

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BigQuery: Data Warehousing with Google?

Uli Bethke May 23, 2010

Google has added two new products to their Labs. The first one is BiqQuery, which according to Google allows users to query trillions of records in an SQL dialect via a RESTful web service. If they get their pricing right on this then I can see Google becoming a top player in the data warehousing ...

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