How to do full text search with Snowflake, Inverted Indexes and Snowpark

Uli Bethke September 19, 2022

Inverted Index An Inverted Index is a data structure used to support full text search over a set of documents. An inverted index is very similar to an index at the end of a book. In the book index you get an alphabetically sorted list of the core keywords with a list of pages where ...

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SQL antipatterns:  SELECT DISTINCT

Uli Bethke August 9, 2022

The DISTINCT operator The DISTINCT operator is used to eliminate duplicates in a resultset, e.g. we can use it to identify the unique number of customers who made a purchase. We run the following query against the Sample Data provided with Snowflake data cloud platform. SELECT DISTINCT SS_CUSTOMER_SK from "SAMPLE_DATA"."TPCDS_SF10TCL"."STORE_SALES"; 1 SELECT DISTINCT SS_CUSTOMER_SK from ...

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