Converting XML documents from an Oracle CLOB to a relational format

Uli Bethke August 31, 2020

In this post we will show you how easy it is to convert XML data from Oracle CLOB to a relational format. We will be using Enterprise Flexter which ships with a feature that enables us to use Oracle CLOB as source data and to convert it.Flexter is available in three editions. An enterprise edition, ...

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Converting and Masking Zendesk JSON to a database (Oracle)

Uli Bethke September 17, 2019

For this post we will mask and convert Zendesk JSON data to Oracle. We will use Sonra’s obfuscation tool Paranoid (open source) and Sonra’s data warehouse automation tool for XML, JSON, and industry data standards Flexter as a Service (FaaS). FaaS follows a pay as you go model. Flexter is also available as a free ...

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Masking and converting Guidewire XML to a database (Oracle)

Uli Bethke August 8, 2019

In this post we will guide you through the process of masking Guidewire XML data and converting it to Oracle. This process normally take days or weeks. With our solution this will just take a few minutes. We will be using Sonra’s masking tool Paranoid (open source) to obfuscate the data. We will use Flexter ...

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Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler with Snowflake

Federico Sicilia November 28, 2018

Why Oracle SQL Data Modeler Oracle Sql Developer Data Modeler (SDDM) is a free-to-use data modeling tool born to support developers while designing their database, or architecture, at a logical, relational or physical level, even storing and versioning changes in an easy and comprehensible way. However, if you are a data engineer, then you might ...

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