Converting PRODML XML to a database (SQL Server)

For this blog post we have prepared a process of converting PRODML XML to SQL Server. We will be using Sonra’s data warehouse automation tool for XML, JSON, and industry…
Uli Bethke September 27, 2019

Converting and Masking Connexo XML to a database (MySQL)

In this post we will show you how obfuscate XML data and convert it to a tabular format. We will use XML documents from Connexo NetSense and convert it to…
Uli Bethke August 13, 2019

Converting Trello JSON to SQL Server

In this guide we will show you how to process Trello JSON files with the enterprise version Flexter and convert it to SQL Server. Trello Trello is a web-based project…
Uli Bethke June 12, 2018

Converting Financial Information eXchange XML (FIXML) to MS SQL Server

FIX is a messaging standard used for trades in the financial services industry. The FIX Trading Community is the independent body behind the FIX messaging standard. FIX messages are encoded…
Uli Bethke June 5, 2018

SQL on Hadoop, BigQuery, or Exadata. Please don’t call them MPP.

I often hear people referring to SQL engines running against HDFS or object storage as MPP. Strictly speaking this is incorrect. Let me first explain what an MPP database is…
Uli Bethke May 10, 2018

Parsing XML to Oracle. ODI vs Flexter Enterprise XML Parser

In some previous posts we demonstrated how to load XML data into an Oracle database using ODI. We first looked at some of the issues when reverse engineering an XSD…
Maciek Kocon December 27, 2016